Khan appointed chief selector

Moin Khan replaces former Pakistan selector Iqbal Qasim, while Zaheer Abbas is made honorary chairman's adviser.

    Khan will also be on a three-man committee which will choose national team coaches [Getty Images]
    Khan will also be on a three-man committee which will choose national team coaches [Getty Images]

    Former captain and coach Moin Khan was appointed as chief selector by the Pakistan Cricket Board, and Zaheer Abbas as honorary adviser to the chairman.

    Khan was the coach and Abbas was the batting consultant of the team which recently fell in the Asia Cup final and didn't advance to the semi-finals of the World Twenty20.

    Khan will also be the team manager, with permission from his employer, Pakistan International Airlines, the PCB said in a statement.

    "I will make sure there's no compromise on merit," Khan told media.

    Before the World Twenty20, the PCB announced another former captain, Rashid Latif, will take over as chief selector from April 1.

    However, soon after the tournament in Bangladesh, Latif declined to sign the contract, saying he did not want to be part of controversy.

    Khan's additional responsibility

    Khan will also be on a three-man committee which will scrutinise applications for national team coaches that include head coach and fielding coach.

    PCB directors Intikhab Alam and Haroon Rasheed are the other committee members, and will give recommendations after the cut-off date for applications on May 5.

    Pakistan is also looking for a spin bowling consultant, strength and conditioning coach and sports physiotherapist.

    Local media has speculated that Waqar Younis, a former assistant coach, could take over as head coach.

    Younis was one of the two coaches shortlisted by the previous coach-finding committee before Khan was given a two-month contract to cover the Asia Cup and World Twenty20.

    Pakistan have a Test series against Sri Lanka in July-August, then take on Australia in a one-off T20, three one-day internationals and two Tests in the United Arab Emirates in October.



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