Bangladesh crush Afghanistan in T20

Bangladesh beat Afghanistan by nine wickets in the opening qualifying match for the World Twenty20 in Dhaka.

    Bangladesh gained revenge against Afghanistan, who beat them during the Asia Cup [AFP]
    Bangladesh gained revenge against Afghanistan, who beat them during the Asia Cup [AFP]

    Bangladesh opened their World Twenty20 campaign with a comfortable nine-wicket victory over Afghanistan in a Group A qualifying match.

    Afghanistan tied themselves in knots against a disciplined bowling attack after being put in to bat.

    Bangladesh-Afghanistan scorecard

    Afghanistan innings
    M Shahzad c Mahmudullah b Mortaza 0
    N Tarakai c Hossain b Al Hasan 7
    G Naib c Rahman b Al Hasan 21
    N Mangal run out 0
    M Nabi lbw b Razzak 3
    K Sadiq run out 10
    Shafiqullah c Rahim b Mahmudullah 16
    S Shenwari lbw b Razzak 1
    D Zadran c Mahmudullah b Reza 1
    S Zadran b Shakib 1
    A Alam not out 0
    Extras: 12
    Total: (all out; 17.1 overs) 72
    Fall of wickets: 1-0, 2-36, 3-36, 4-36, 5-49, 6-58, 7-69, 8-69, 9-71, 10-72
    Bangladesh innings 
    T Iqbal lbw b Shenwari 21
    A Haque not out 44
    Al Hasan not out 10
    Extras: 3
    Total: (1 wicket; 12 overs) 78
    Fall of wickets: 1-45  

    Gulbadin Naib scored 21 of 22 balls with three fours and one six, but Shakib soon put Bangladesh in control with a twin-strike in which he dismissed Naib and Najeeb Tarakai.

    Shakib said there was help for spinners in the pitch.

    "There was some spin and we put the ball in the right areas,'' Shakib said after being named man of the match.

    "I'd love to have this (kind of) wicket every day of my life. It's a very good way to start this tournament (for us).''

    Asia Cup revenge

    Left-arm spinner Shakib-Al-Hasan grabbed 3-8 as the hosts dismissed Afghanistan for 72 in 17.1 overs in what was the lowest international T20 total in Bangladesh.

    The home side were never under pressure chasing the small target as Haque produced a fluent 33-ball knock in which he smashed four fours and three sixes.

    Bangladesh lost to Afghanistan during the recent Asia Cup but were determined not to slip up in this match, which is expected to determine the qualifier from this group where Bangladesh and Afghanistan are expected to dominate Hong Kong and Nepal.

    The top team from among these four will join India, Pakistan, Australia and West Indies in Group 2 of the Super 10 stage.



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