SL struck down by the Halestorm

England chase down 190-run target with unbeaten ton from Alex Hales while SA survive Dutch scare in WT20.

    Alex Hales' ton was the first by an England batsman in Twenty20 internationals  [AFP]
    Alex Hales' ton was the first by an England batsman in Twenty20 internationals [AFP]

    Alex Hales cracked a career-best 116 not out as England ran down Sri Lanka by six wickets with four balls to spare in
    another gripping World Twenty20 match.

    Hales 64-ball knock, the first century of the tournament, earned England's highest chase win in a T20 as they zoomed to 190-4 in response to Sri Lanka's daunting 189-4.

    After Sri Lanka had England 0-2, Hales and Eoin Morgan combined for a record third-wicket stand of 152. Morgan made a rapid 57 off 38 balls.

    For Sri Lanka, Mahela Jayawardene hit 89 and Tillakaratne Dilshan 55 to help their side post a formidable total. 

    South Africa survive

    In the earlier match, South Africa held their nerve to stave off a major scare against Netherlands and win their Group One super 10 match by six runs in the World Twenty20.

    The Dutch, who posted the lowest Twenty20 international score of 39 in Monday's rout by Sri Lanka, looked set to pull off the biggest upset of the tournament but imploded when set for victory. 

    Chasing 146 to win, opener Steven Myburgh (51) gave the Dutch a flying start, thumping eight fours and two sixes during his 28-ball knock.

    But after he played JP Duminy on to his stumps the Netherlands, with a series of rash shots, lost wickets at regular intervals.

    Leg-spinner Imran Tahir claimed four wickets for 21 runs and pace spearhead Dale Steyn picked up two for 19.

    Earlier, Ahsan Malik's five for 19 restricted South Africa to 145 for nine after they were put in to bat. Hashim Amla gave South Africa a brisk start with a 43 off 22 balls, his knock studded with seven fours and a six.

    But they lost wickets in clusters against Malik's medium pace bowling and struggled for momentum towards the end of their innings.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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