Pietersen to captain Delhi in IPL

After missing the 2013 Indian Premier League, controversial Kevin Pietersen is named captain of Delhi Daredevils.

    Pietersen is England's all-time leading run-scorer, but is longer part of the team's plans [Getty Images]
    Pietersen is England's all-time leading run-scorer, but is longer part of the team's plans [Getty Images]

    Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen has been named captain of the Delhi Daredevils for the Indian Premier League, which starts on 16 April.

    Pietersen, 33, is England's all-time leading run-scorer across all formats, but was told he was no longer part of the national team's plans after the tourists' 5-0 Ashes whitewash.

    Pietersen tweeted: "I'm excited about leading Delhi Daredevils. We want to have a hard working and fun environment where we enjoy our cricket."

    The 33-year-old played for the Daredevils in 2012, scoring 305 runs at an average of 61 in eight matches.

    He missed the 2013 edition of the tournament through injury, but will now be available for a full IPL season for the first time following the end of his international career.

    Tournament loses out

    Pietersen, who also represented Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL in 2009 and 2010, cost Gary Kirsten's Daredevils £880,000 at the IPL auction in February.

    The Surrey batsman captained England in three Tests and 12 one-day internationals before resigning in 2009 following a rift with coach Peter Moores, who was sacked.

    Meanwhile, Australia all-rounder Shane Watson believes the World Twenty20 tournament in Bangladesh, which is now under way, is a poorer event without Pietersen.

    "He's a world-class player, so for me it's sad that I won't see him again in international cricket," he said.

    " He's always been one of my favourite players to watch and I love seeing him bat, the way he takes on the game. The tournament loses a bit for his absence."





    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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