More Flower power for England

Andy Flower has secured his cricket future after being named the ECB's new technical director of elite coaching.

    Flower will create a leadership programme for the next generation of elite players and coaches [AFP]
    Flower will create a leadership programme for the next generation of elite players and coaches [AFP]

    Andy Flower, who stepped down as head coach in January following the 5-0 Ashes rout by Australia, was appointed England's technical director of elite coaching.

    The Zimbabwean will incorporate working with the next generation of players and coaches with creating a leadership programme for youngsters, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said in a news release.

    "I see this as a great opportunity for me as I start a new phase of my career," said Flower.

    "I am particularly excited about the chance to build and mould a leadership course which is not simply about captaincy but much more.

    "This role offers me a chance to make a real contribution to the ability and character of England players and coaches in the years to come."

    Flower's previous achievements

    Flower's achievements before his miserable Ashes farewell were impressive, as England won three previous series against Australia under his tutelage, including the 2010-11 series Down Under.

    They also claimed the World Twenty20 title in 2010 and reached No1 in the world rankings in all three formats. Flower was appointed OBE in the Queen's 2011 Birthday Honours list.

    Paul Downton, the ECB's new managing director for England cricket, said: "The ECB is delighted that we are able to retain a man of Andy Flower's experience and quality.

    His record over the last five years speaks for itself and the ECB and Andy are excited about the future."



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