Jordan helps deliver consolation win

Allrounder hits unbeaten 27 and takes three wickets as England win final Twenty20 against the West Indies by five runs.

    Chris Jordan took two of the first three wickets to fall [Reuters]
    Chris Jordan took two of the first three wickets to fall [Reuters]

    England survived a late onslaught from the tail-end batsmen of West Indies to win a thrilling third and final Twenty20 by five runs in Barbados.

    Third Twenty20 scorecard

    England innings

    M Lumb c Bravo b Cottrell 63
    A Hales c Simmons b Cottrell 38
    E Morgan c Smith b Narine 18
    J Buttler c Sammy b Santokie 3
    R Bopara not out 6
    B Stokes b Santokie 0
    M Ali run out 3
    C Jordan not out 27

    Extras (w 7) 7
    Total (6 wickets; 20 overs) 165
    Fall of wickets 1-98, 2-112, 3-123, 4-128, 5-129, 6-138

    West Indies innings

    D Smith b Dernbach 0
    J Charles c & b Jordan 4
    M Samuels b Jordan 15
    L Simmons run out 69
    D Bravo c Jordan b Bopara 16
    A Russell c Morgan b Bopara 0
    D Ramdin b Jordan 33
    D Sammy not out 15
    S Narine not out 0

    Extras (b 1, lb 4, w 3) 8
    Total (7 wickets; 20 overs) 160
    Fall of wickets 1-0, 2-4, 3-28, 4-66, 5-67, 6-140, 7-153

    The home team had a chance to make it a 3-0 victory in the series but captain Darren Sammy was unable to hit the six his side needed off the final ball at the Kensington Oval.

    "It was a fantastic game of cricket," said England captain Eoin Morgan. "There are a lot of positives for us looking ahead."

    The tourists batted first and compiled a solid 165 for six built around a sparkling 63 from opener Michael Lumb. Alex Hales chipped in with 38 as he and Lumb put on 98 for the first wicket before the middle-order collapsed.

    All-rounder Chris Jordan (27 not out), batting at eight, produced a superb late surge with four sixes in the last over.

    Jordan, who was named man of the match, also played the starring role in the field, taking two catches and three wickets.

    "It was a good opportunity I got today," he said. "I've been practising hitting all week and that gave me confidence for my bowling."

    The West Indies made a terrible start to their reply when Dwayne Smith was bowled off the first delivery and Johnson Charles was dismissed in the next over.

    Lendl Simmons steadied the innings with 69 off 55 balls but was run out in the last over trying to scramble for a second run at the non-striker's end. Player of the series Sammy blasted two fours and a six to give West Indies hope but was unable to get another six off the last ball from Jade Dernbach.

    "We didn't get over the line today but it was a great game," said Sammy. "Credit to my guys for taking it to the final over. We always back ourselves to get two or three boundaries in the last over. The way we fought back in the last 10 overs of their innings was great."

    The teams now head to Bangladesh for the World Twenty20 that starts on Sunday. West Indies are the defending champions after winning in 2012. England won the previous edition in 2010.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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