Hong Kong shock Bangladesh in WT20

Beat hosts by two wickets in a last-over finish but Bangladesh manage to progress into Super 10 stage ahead of Nepal.

    Hong Kong bowled with discipline to restrict the hosts to a below-par score [AFP]
    Hong Kong bowled with discipline to restrict the hosts to a below-par score [AFP]

    Subash Khakurel hit a maiden half-century and Jitendra Mukhia claimed a career-best 3-18 to help Nepal notch its second victory in the World Twenty with a nine-run win over Afghanistan.

    Khakurel struck 56 off 53 balls as Nepal scored 141-5, recovering from a relatively sluggish start. In reply, Nepal bowlers left Afghanistan scampering at the outset and eventually restricted them to 132-8.

    Afghanistan raised hopes of a victory in the last over when they required 24 with three wickets at hand. Asghar Stanikzai hit a series of boundaries off Sompal Kami to bring down the equation to 10 off two balls.

    However, the desperate attempt of hitting another six went in vain with Gyanendra Malla taking a simple catch at long-on to dismiss him. Stanikzai struck six fours and one six in his 49 off 36 balls.

    But the early part of Afghanistan innings was dominated by Jitendra Mukhiya (3-18), who ripped through the Afghan middle order by taking two wickets off consecutive deliveries. He was aided by Shakti Gauchan in triggering the collapse in the Afghan innings to take the match completely away from their grips.

    Gauchan had figures of 2-25, while Sompal Kami also took 2-32.



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