Tampering claims will 'motivate' SA

South Africa coach brushes aside David Warner's claim that the hosts tampered with the ball in the second Test.

    Dale Steyn's menacing reverse-swing remained a huge worry for Australia in the second Test [AFP]
    Dale Steyn's menacing reverse-swing remained a huge worry for Australia in the second Test [AFP]

    Australia opener David Warner's claim that South Africa tampered with the ball during the second Test has 'added 10% motivation' ahead of the series decider, according to Proteas coach Russell Domingo.

    Warner told Sky Sports Radio the Australians felt AB de Villiers had used his wicket-keeper gloves to rough up one side of the ball, helping their bowlers gain reverse-swing during South Africa's crushing 231-run victory on Sunday.

    "We were actually questioning whether or not AB would get the ball in his hand and, with his glove, wipe the rough side every ball," the left-hander told Sky Sports Radio. "That's another thing we have to try to bring up with the umpires."


    Domingo dismissed the comments and said it gave his side extra motivation to claim a first home series win over Australia in 44 years in the decider at Newlands starting on Saturday.

    "It's disappointing when guys throw these accusations around, it's added an extra 10 percent motivation to the guys following the comments he has made," Domingo told reporters.

    "We pride ourselves on playing the game as hard as we can, but also in a fair manner. I just don't think it is a nice comment to make, I don't think teams should be accusing other sides of that."

    Proteas manager Mohammed Moosagee also rejected Warner's complaint as 'sour grapes' and said few people took the outspoken Australian's words seriously.

    The Proteas would not seek any action against Warner, who followed up his first innings 70 with a belligerent 66 in the second, and would leave it to the game's governing ICC to look into the remarks, Moosagee added.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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