Ronchi takes Kiwis to Twenty20 series-win

Luke Ronchi scored 51* as New Zealand beat West Indies by four wickets in the second Twenty20 to take series 2-0.

    Luke Ronchi's unbeten 51 was his maiden Twenty20 International half-century [AFP]
    Luke Ronchi's unbeten 51 was his maiden Twenty20 International half-century [AFP]

    Wicket-keeper Luke Ronchi scored an unbeaten 51 as New Zealand beat West Indies by four wickets in the second Twenty20 to take the two-match series 2-0.

    Ronchi surpassed his unbeaten 48 in the first match at Auckland, which New Zealand won by 81 runs, reaching his first half-century in T20s from 25 balls with four fours and two sixes.

    Second Twenty20 scorecard

    West Indies innings

    L Simmons c Neesham b McClenaghan 29
    J Charles c Guptill b Milne 7
    A Fletcher run out 40
    DJ Bravo b N McCullum 12
    C Walton c Ronchi b Milne 0
    D Ramdin not out 55
    A Russell not out 10

    Extras: (lb 2, w 4) 6 
    Total: (5 wickets; 20 overs) 159
    Fall of wickets: 1-22, 2-37, 3-66, 4-67, 5-137

    New Zealand innings
    M Guptill c Ramdin b Holder 1
    J Ryder c Simmons b Holder 23
    B McCullum lbw b Narine 17
    R Taylor c Walton b Narine 39
    C Munro c Miller b Russell 5
    C Anderson c Charles b Russell 6
    L Ronchi not out 51
    J Neesham not out 14

    Extras: (lb 3, w 4) 7
    Total: (6 wickets; 19 overs) 163
    Fall of wickets: 1-8, 2-36, 3-49, 4-69, 5-79, 6-147

    The match concluded New Zealand's domestic series against West Indies in which it won the three-Test series 2-0, shared the five-match one-day series 2-2 and won an important victory in the Twenty20 series six weeks from the World Twenty20 in Bangladesh.

    In a good match for wicket-keepers, Denesh Ramdin top-scored for West Indies with 55 in its total of 159-5 while New Zealand reached 163-6 with an over to spare.

    Ramdin reached his half-century from 26 balls and took his 55 runs from 31 balls with three fours and three sixes to spur West Indies to a competitive total after it won the toss and batted.

    The visitors were struggling at 66-3 after 10 overs but Andre Fletcher began their recovery, making 40 from 36 balls and sharing a 70-run fifth-wicket partnership with Ramdin which ended when he sacrificed his wicket in a run out mix-up.

    Young speedster Adam Milne took 2-22 from his four overs as the best of the New Zealand bowlers.

    "I think it was just a massive thing to make runs and contribute the other day and I continued on from there,'' Ronchi said.

    "It just felt really good today. I got myself in with Ross (Taylor) and just tried to make the best of an opportunity. We still had a lot of time to bat so we thought we could still catch up on the balls we miss out on. We just said if the singles are there they're there, if it's a boundary option then go for it.''

    Dwayne Bravo, the West Indies captain, was still pleased with the performance of his team.

    "It was a big improvement from the last game,'' he said. "Unfortunatelywe didn't win this one but it was a good learning process and I was happy with the effort from the guys. I think we were 15 to 20 runs short but at the same time the bowlers gave it their best. Ronchi and Taylor held the New Zealand innings together in the middle but overall I'm happy.''



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