New Zealand beat India in fourth ODI

New Zealand beat India by seven wickets in the fourth one-day international to go 3-0 up in the five-match series.

    Ross Taylor of New Zealand hit another boundery in his 112* innings at Seddon Park [AFP]
    Ross Taylor of New Zealand hit another boundery in his 112* innings at Seddon Park [AFP]

    New Zealand sealed a one-day series win over India by recording a seven-wicket victory with Ross Taylor hitting an unbeaten 112 to lead the hosts to a seven wicket win with 11 balls to spare.                                                                  

    Fourth ODI scorecard

    India innings
    R Sharma c Ronchi b Williamson 79
    V Kohli c Neesham b Southee 2
    A Rahane c Southee b Mills 3
    A Rayudu c Ronchi b Bennett 37
    M Dhoni not out 79
    R Ashwin c Bennett b Southee 5
    R Jadeja not out 62
    Extras: 11
    Total: (5 wickets; 50 overs) 278
    Fall of wickets: 1-5 2-22 3-101 4-142 5-151

    New Zealand innings   
    M Guptill lbw b Mohammed Shami 35
    J Ryder b Aaron 19
    K Williamson run out (Jadeja) 60
    L Taylor not out 112
    B McCullum not out 49
    Extras: 5
    Total: (3 wickets; 48.1 overs) 280
    Fall of wickets: 1-54 2-58 3-188 

    Taylor's ninth one-day international century, compiled from 110 balls with 14 boundaries, comfortably steered New Zealand past India's total of 278-5, and gave New Zealand a 3-0 series lead with one game remaining.

    New Zealand has recorded consecutive series victories over the West Indies and India, boosting its hopes of a strong showing in next year's World Cup, which it co-hosts with Australia.

    Taylor shared partnerships of 130 with Kane Williamson (60) and 92 unbroken with captain Brendon McCullum (49 not out).

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