New Zealand beat India in first ODI

Mitchell McClenaghan took three wickets in two overs to lead New Zealand to a 24-run win over India in the first ODI.

    New Zealand celebrate Bhuvneshwar Kumar of India being run out during the first ODI [AFP]
    New Zealand celebrate Bhuvneshwar Kumar of India being run out during the first ODI [AFP]

    Mitchell McClenaghan took three wickets in two overs, including the key scalp of Virat Kohli for 123, to lead New Zealand

    First ODI scorecard

    New Zealand innings
    M Guptill c Ashwin b Shami 8
    J Ryder b Shami 18
    K Williamson c Rahane b Jadeja 71
    L Taylor c Dhoni b Shami 55
    B McCullum c Dhoni b Kumar 30
    C Anderson not out 68
    L Ronchi c Kumar b Sharma 30
    N McCullum c & b Shami 2
    T Southee not out 3
    Extras: 7
    Total: (7 wickets; 50 overs) 292
    Fall of wickets: 1-22 2-32 3-153 4-171 5-213 6-279 7-284

    India innings 
    R Sharma c Southee b McClenaghan 3
    S Dhawan c Taylor b Anderson 32
    V Kohli c Ryder b McClenaghan 123
    A Rahane c McCullum b Anderson 7
    S Raina c Southee b Milne 18
    M Dhoni c Ronchi b McClenaghan 40
    R Jadeja c Ronchi b McClenaghan 0
    R Ashwin c Southee b Williamson 12
    B Kumar run out Ronchi/Williamson 6
    I Sharma b Southee 5
    M Shami not out 7
    Extras: 15
    Total: (all out; 48.4 overs) 268
    Fall of wickets: 1-15 2-73 3-84 4-129 5-224 6-225 7-237 8-244 9-259

    to a 24-run win over India Sunday in the first one-day cricket international.

    Kohli seemed on course to take India to victory in the first match of the five match series when he reached his 18th one-day century and shared a 95-run partnership with MS Dhoni (40) for the fifth wicket.

    But when McClenaghan dismissed Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja (0) and Kohli in the space of six deliveries in the 43rd and 45th overs, the course of the match changed and India was all out for 268 in reply to New Zealand's 292-7.

    India lost its last six wickets for 44 runs and McClenaghan finished with 4-68.



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