Approve proposal or we won't play: BCCI

The BCCI has virtually ruled out taking part in future ICC events if the makeover proposal is not approved.

    N Srinivasan (right) is the president of the Indian cricket board [Reuters]
    N Srinivasan (right) is the president of the Indian cricket board [Reuters]

    The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has virtually ruled out taking part in future International Cricket Council (ICC) events if the proposal relating to the makeover of the ruling body is not approved in this month's meeting.

    The proposal has recommended a structural overhaul of the ICC and has proposed a larger sahre of the ICC's revenues and increased decision-making powers to the BCCI as well as the Australian and English cricket boards.

    In a meeting on Thursday, the BCCI, in a working committee meeting, confirmed that the proposal had been approved within the Indian board and that its office bearers were authorised 'to enter into agreements with the ICC for participating in the ICC events and hosting ICC events, subject to the proposal being approved by the ICC board'.

    The key elements of the proposal include:

    - New executive committee (ExCo) to be set up with permanent memberships for BCCI, CA, ECB, to override all other committees

    - Promotion and relegation to be implemented in Test cricket with exceptions made in the cases of BCCI, CA, ECB

    - ICC to be delinked from all FTP arrangements with bilateral agreements taking over

    - New finance model of ICC revenue distribution to be created with BCCI demanding 21% of the revenue

    - Key positions in ICC to be nominees of BCCI, CA and ECB

    - Reinstatement of the Champions Trophy in 2017 and 2021 in place of the World Test Championship

    The committee also confirmed that its leading officials will be allowed to sign bilateral agreements with all other Full Member boards.


    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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