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Bangladesh ban top umpire for corruption

Bangladesh Cricket Board impose 10-year ban on international umpire Nadir Shah after sting operation exposes corruption.

    Bangladesh ban top umpire for corruption
    A sting operation by an Indian television channel found umpire Nadir Shah, pictured above in 2008, apparently willing to fix matches for cash [AFP]

    Bangladesh have banned Nadir Shah, who umpired in 40 one-day internationals between 2006-11, for 10 years for corruption.

    The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) handed out the punishment on Monday following an investigation by a special inquiry committee.

    In October, the Hindi-language news channel India TV showed footage of Shah and other officials from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan allegedly negotiating deals with under-cover reporters to affect the outcome of matches.

    "Umpire Nadir Shah will not be considered for a BCB retainer for 10 years," the Bangladesh Cricket Board said in a statement.

    "During this period he will not be eligible for any assignment under the jurisdiction of the BCB."

    Appeal likely

    Shah said he would appeal against the ban.

    "The decision is totally wrong as there was no proof of my guilt," he told reporters in Dhaka.

    "I will appeal to the BCB to reconsider their decision. I am talking with my lawyer to help get justice through legal means."

    Shah, a member of the International Cricket Council's (ICC) panel of umpires, also officiated in three Twenty20 internationals.

    "The ICC takes no pleasure from the fact an umpire has been found to have acted inappropriately and sanctioned accordingly, however, the decision reflects the commitment of the ICC and its members to root out corruption from our great sport," ICC chief executive David Richardson said in a statement.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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