Cook shines in England victory

Skipper strikes second successive ODI ton as England take 2-0 series lead over Pakistan in Abu Dhabi.

    England take an unassailable lead in the four-match series after a Test whitewash by Pakistan [GETTY]

    Alastair Cook became the first England captain to score consecutive one-day centuries on Wednesday to set his side up for a 20-run victory over Pakistan in the second one-day international in Abu Dhabi.


    England innings

    A.Cook c and b Afridi 102
    K.Pietersen lbw b Ajmal 26
    J.Trott c Akmal b Cheema 23
    R.Bopara c Akmal b Cheema 58
    E.Morgan not out 25
    Extras 16
    Total (for four wickets, 50 overs) 250

    Pakistan innings

    M Hafeez c Trott b Anderson 26
    I Farhat run out 47
    A Ali b Patel 31
    Y Khan lbw b Patel 5
    M-ul-Haq c Kieswetter b Broad 47
    U Akmal c Patel b Finn 21
    S Afridi b Anderson 18
    A Rehman b Finn 1
    U Gul lbw b Finn 5
    S Ajmal not out 7
    A Cheema b Finn 1
    Extras 21
    Total (all out, 49 overs) 230

    Cook won the toss for the second time in the four-match series, then cashed in with 102, his fourth one-day century, from 118 deliveries in an England total of 250 for four.

    Fast bowler Steven Finn then turned in another match-winning performance with four for 34 from 10 overs as Pakistan were dismissed for 230 from 49 overs.

    "It was a slightly different pitch from Monday on which a 250-total was
    good enough and we bowled well upront. Finn was again outstanding," said Cook, who won a second successive man-of-the-match award.  

    Lucky escape

    Cook survived a chance on 30 to wicketkeeper Umar Akmal off Shahid Afridi during a technically assured innings against the spinners who had bowled their country to a 3-0 victory in the Test series.

    His opening partner Kevin Pietersen reached 26 in a partnership of 67 before he fell in familiar fashion, lbw to off-spinner Saeed Ajmal for 26.

    Ravi Bopara compiled a second consecutive half-century with 58 and Eoin Morgan struck a brisk, unbeaten 25.

    Mohammad Hafeez (26) and Imram Farhat (47) gave Pakistan a steady start with 61 but wickets then fell regularly as the England bowlers maintained a tight line and length.

    Afridi struck 18 from as many deliveries and captain Misbah-ul-Haq kept his side in the hunt with 47 from 59 balls before he was brilliantly caught by wicketkeeper Craig Kieswetter, who clung on to a skied mis-hit at full stretch off Stuart Broad.

    The third and fourth matches will be played in Dubai on Saturday and Tuesday. 

    SOURCE: Reuters


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