Cricket South Africa head to be reinstated

Johannesburg court rules Cricket South Africa's decision to sack president Nyoka was 'unlawful'.

    South Africa lost to New Zealand in the Cricket World Cup quarterfinals [EPA]

    Cricket South Africa (CSA) has been ordered to reinstate its fired president according to a ruling on Friday by the high court in Johannesburg.

    Mtutuzeli Nyoka's sacking as president of CSA in February should be set aside and he should return to his job, said the ruling.

    CSA said it will appeal against the ruling.

    Nyoka was fired by CSA after a vote of no confidence by its board, but he argued his dismissal did not follow the correct procedures as he was not informed of the meeting where the vote was tabled.

    The reasons for the February 12 no confidence vote were not made public.

    Unfair dismissal

    Reports say Nyoka had fallen out with CSA chief executive Gerald Majola over improper bonus payments allegedly made to Majola and other CSA staff following the 2009 Indian Premier League, which was held in South Africa.

    Nyoka argued in his affidavit that the reason behind his ousting was his criticism of bonus payments, totalling 4.7 million rand paid to CSA employees following the hosting of the IPL and Champions Trophy.

    CSA chief executive Gerald Majola received 1.77 million rand but was cleared of any financial wrongdoing after CSA conducted an internal enquiry with Nyoka having initially called for an external inquiry.

    "CSA removed me not for any justifiable reasons relating to my conduct but because I chose to question and demand action regarding the so-called Indian Premier League bonus scandal involving the CEO of CSA Gerald Majola," Nyoka said in his affidavit.

    "In my view and the view of others, including the independent board members, the IPL bonus issue evidences a serious breach of CSA's corporate governance," he added.

    CSA replied to the High Court decision in a brief statement.

    "Cricket South Africa (CSA) has noted the Nyoka judgment and intends to appeal that judgment,'' CSA said.

    "Cricket South Africa will file notice of appeal in due course.''

    South African cricket has had a turbulent few months, with the power struggle between Nyoka and Majola followed by quarterfinal defeat at the Cricket World Cup to rivals New Zealand.

    South Africa are also without a coach or a one-day captain after Corrie van Zyl and Graeme Smith stepped down from the respective roles following the World Cup.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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