Shane Watson hits world record for sixes

Australian hits highest number of sixes in ODI innings as his side smash Bangladesh by nine wickets in Mirpur.

    'It was one of those days ' said Watson [AFP]

    Shane Watson struck a world record 15 sixes in an unbeaten innings of 185 from only 96 balls to take Australia to a crushing nine wicket victory over Bangladesh in the second one-day international on Monday.

    Watson, who also cracked 15 boundaries, broke the previous record of 12 set by Xavier Marshall of West Indies who hit 12 sixes against Canada at King City in 2008.

    His innings is also the highest one-day innings by an Australian, surpassing Matthew Hayden's 181 against New Zealand in 2007. It took Australia to 232 for one from just 26 overs after their bowlers had restricted Bangladesh to 229 for seven.

    Ominous form

    Watson looked in ominous touch from the start, hitting paceman Shafiul Islam for three boundaries in the first over, before striking Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan for a six in the third over.

    He was particularly harsh on left-arm spinner Suhrawadi Shuvo, striking him for four sixes off consecutive deliveries in the 22nd over shortly after he had been dropped twice.

    Watson completed his century in just 69 balls with a boundary through extra cover off Shafiul and was dropped by Abdur Razzak off the next ball at long-on.

    Two overs later, left-arm spinner Razzak was unlucky not to get his wicket when Raqibul Hasan dropped a simple catch at deep mid-wicket with the batsman on 114.

    Watson never looked back and added 85 runs off only 27 balls after completing his sixth ODI century.

    "It was one of those days when everything you do comes out of the middle of the bat and goes into the gap," Watson told reporters.


    Bangladesh innings

    T Iqbal c Watson b Johnson 5
    I Kayes c Watson b Johnson 5
    S Nafees c and b Smith 56
    R Hasan b Hastings 0
    S Al Hasan b Smith 9
    M Rahim not out 81
    Mahmudullah lbw b Watson 38
    S Shuvo c Smith b Johnson 16
    S Islam not out 9
    Extras 10
    Total (for 7 wickets; 50 overs) 229
    Fall of wickets: 1-9 2-27 3-28 4-65 5-88 6-167 7-195

    Australia innings

    S Watson not out 185
    B Haddin c Mahmudullah b Shakib 8
    R Ponting not out 37
    Extras 2
    Total (for one wicket, 26 overs) 232
    Fall of wicket: 1-62

    "At one point I was pretty tired and it was humid out there, so I didn't really want to run too much.

    "There was a nice little over and I got a few in the middle that saved my running."

    His unbroken second wicket stand with former captain Ricky Ponting (37 not out) yielded 170 runs.

    Brad Haddin (8) was the only batsman out in Australian innings when he was caught by Mahmudullah at mid-wicket off Shakib.

    Bangladesh thought they had a fighting chance after a late rally by wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim helped them get past the 200 mark.

    Rahim was 81 not out facing just 80 balls as the home side added 59 runs in the last five overs after the Australian pacemen had them struggling at 88 for five at one stage.

    Shahriar Nafees scored 56 off 73 balls.

    Mitchell Johnson was the most successful of the Australian bowlers with three for 54.

    Australia won the first game in the three-match series by 60 runs.

    The third and final match will be staged at the same venue on Wednesday.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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