Prior aims for unbeaten Ashes

Wicketkeeper says England can avoid defeat and retain urn after scoring unbeaten century ahead of third Test in Perth.

    Prior conviction: The England wicketkeeper thrived after being given batting duties against Victoria [GALLO/GETTY]

    England are aiming to "protect" their winning habit and go through the entire Ashes tour unbeaten after taking a 1-0 Test series lead against Australia, wicketkeeper Matt Prior said.

    Prior, who hit an unbeaten 102 as the tourists ground out a draw against state side Victoria over the weekend, said it would be a "fantastic feat" to avoid defeat as England aim for their first series win Down Under in 24 years. 

    They have won three and drawn three of their matches since they arrived in Perth at the end of October, including a comprehensive victory over Australia in Adelaide last week that gave them a 1-0 lead in the five-Test Ashes series.

    "You can't take for granted being on a good run. Sometimes you have to dig in and make sure you continue it"

    Matt Prior, England wicketkeeper/batsman 

    "If we carry on playing the brand of cricket we have been there's no reason why we can't go through the tour unbeaten," Prior, who has struggled to get a bat in the Tests due to the strength of England's top order, said.

    "If we can manage to do that, it would be a fantastic feat – but something we're certainly targeting."

    The England squad lost all five Ashes Tests and two of their five tour matches on the 2006/07 trip before reclaiming the trophy on home soil in 2009.

    Prior admitted the last day of the three-day match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Sunday had been "pretty boring" for fans but that it was important not to lose after being presented with an unlikely victory target of 311 runs.

    "You can't take for granted being on a good run. Sometimes you have to dig in and make sure you continue it," added Prior, who arrives in Perth with the rest of the squad on Monday afternoon.

    "You could go on playing your shots and potentially risk losing the game...we didn't want to do that. We were hell-bent we were going to get through the day.

    "Winning is a habit, and one you want to protect."

    One of the central concepts of the 2010/11 touring party has been that of stability, but an abdomen injury to Stuart Broad has robbed them of the chance of putting out the same team for the third Test.

    The trio of seamers vying for the chance to replace him in the team for Perth failed to impress against Victoria – Chris Tremlett, Tim Bresnan and Ajmal Shahzad taking just one wicket between them.

    "This was not an easy wicket to get batsmen out," said Prior, who was promoted up the order against Victoria and given a rest from wicketkeeping duties.

    "I don't think any bowler was going to charge in and take a whole load.

    "I thought all three of them bowled beautifully, didn't let the batters score at a rate. They all did a very, very good job on a wicket that wasn't helpful at all."

    The 6ft 7in (2.01m) Tremlett is favoured to take Broad's place in the England side on what is likely to be a quick wicket for the third Test, which starts at the WACA on Thursday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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