Galatasary name Prandelli as manager

Cesare Prandelli replaces Roberto Mancini at the Istanbul-based club following Italy's exit from the World Cup.

    He had coached Italy since 2010 having previously coached Fiorentina, Roma and Parma [GALLO/GETTY]
    He had coached Italy since 2010 having previously coached Fiorentina, Roma and Parma [GALLO/GETTY]

    Former Italian World Cup coach Cesare Prandelli will replace Roberto Mancini as the next Galatasaray manager, the Turkish club announced.

    Prandelli, 56, will succeed fellow Italian Mancini, who left the club after less than a season in charge after leading the Istanbul side to a disappointing second-place finish in the Turkish top-flight last season.

    Former Manchester City boss Mancini had signed for three seasons but left after what appeared to be a difference of opinion about the team.

    He guided them to the Champions League round of 16 at the expense of Juventus and victory in the Turkish Cup final.

    World Cup failure

    Prandelli resigned as Italy's national team manager after the team failed to get past the group stage at the ongoing World Cup in Brazil.

    He had been in charge of the Azzurri since 2010, having previously coached Fiorentina, Roma and Parma.

    "Galatasaray football team's new coach Cesare Prandelli is coming to Istanbul this evening," the club said in a statement.

    "Tomorrow morning at the Florya Metin Oktay (training) facilities, he will be introduced to the players and staff." 

    Media reports had also linked former Everton and Manchester United manager David Moyes as a candidate for the post.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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