West Indies eye Test win over NZ

Tourists end day four just 18 runs ahead with two wickets remaining as the West Indies enjoy a good day with the ball.

    Roach was the pick of the bowlers, picking up three wickets for 53 runs [AFP]
    Roach was the pick of the bowlers, picking up three wickets for 53 runs [AFP]

    The West Indies bowlers produced a spirited performance to put a series-levelling victory in sight against New Zealand after four days of the second Test.

    The Black Caps, facing a first-innings deficit of 239, reached 257-8 in their second-innings, leading by 18 with two wickets in hand.

    Kemar Roach toiled manfully on a placid Queen's Park Oval pitch to claim 3-53 while fellow pacer Jerome Taylor took 2-46. Left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn grabbed 2-62 from a marathon 49 overs, and claimed a sensational return catch.

    Kane Williamson top-scored with 52 while BJ Watling provided a defiant, unbeaten 36 in 4 1/2 hours at the crease.

    Wicket-keeper Watling shared a resolute, undefeated ninth-wicket stand of 43 with Mark Craig, 29 not out. The pair helped New Zealand stretch the match into the fifth day and lifted slim hopes of the tourists' preserving their 1-0 lead in the series.

    New Zealand took tea at 181-6 and quickly slumped to 212-8 as Roach struck twice with the second new ball against aggressive tailenders. But the hosts could not quite complete the job as Watling and Craig held out for almost two hours to the close.



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