Round of 16 preview: Netherlands v Mexico

Mexico has conceded only one goal so far in the tournament, while the Netherlands has one of the most powerful offences.

    The Netherlands has scored 10 goals in three group matches so far in the tournament [EPA]
    The Netherlands has scored 10 goals in three group matches so far in the tournament [EPA]

    The World Cup's highest-scoring team is about to meet one of the tournament's best goalkeepers, as the Netherlands takes on Mexico in their round of 16 match-up at Fortaleza's Arena Castelao.

    If the Netherlands wants to move onto the quarterfinals, it will have to beat Guillermo Ochoa, the Mexico goalie that conceded just one goal so far in the tournament.

    Ochoa, 28, had a dazzling performance the last time he played in Fortaleza, holding off Brazilian strikers to help Mexico come to a 0-0 draw with the host country on June 17.

    "We respect [the Netherlands] as we do with all of the other teams, but we know that they are among the favorites to win the Cup and that does not scare us, it motivates us," Ochoa said before Sunday's match.

    The Dutch have displayed one of the most powerful offences so far in the tournament, scoring 10 times in three group matches, including an impressive 5-1 win over defending champion Spain.

    The winner will go on to play Costa Rica or Greece in the quarter-finals in Salvador.

    Venue: Arena Castelao, Fortaleza

    Kick-off: June 29, 1600GMT

    Key stats: Mexico is making its sixth straight appearance in the round of 16, but the last time the team made it to the quarter-finals was in 1986.

    The game on Sunday is expected to break the record for the number of tourists attending a match at Castelao Arena. Out of a total of 66,500 tickets sold, 44,000 went to tourists: 18,000 Brazilian tourists and 26,000 foreigners.



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