Group F preview: Nigeria v Bosnia-Herzegovina

Both teams are yet to win in the tournament and will be looking to claim second-place in the group after Argentina.

    Bosnia need Dzeko to overcome Nigeria's best performer, goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama [GALLO/GETTY]
    Bosnia need Dzeko to overcome Nigeria's best performer, goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama [GALLO/GETTY]

    For Bosnia, a victory at the World Cup finals would be another first with African champions Nigeria in their sights at the Pantanal arena in Group F.

    Coach Safet Susic is targeting a place in the next round at the expense of a Nigeria side who appear in the process of disappointing again as they did at two previous finals this century.

    Bosnia's captain Emir Spahic is doubtful with a knee injury after being ruled out of practice. The central defender left the training ground with a huge ice block strapped around his left knee.

    Dzeko makes off the ball runs to allow the midfielders to race through into scoring spaces but Bosnia really need him as a finisher to overcome Nigeria's best performer, goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama.

    Those who believe the weather can have an impact on matches will be expecting Nigeria to be the more comfortable side in the heat of Cuiaba, a city in the very middle of South America where average winter temperatures are in the higher 20s Celsius.

    Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi also looks set to start Peter Odemwingie up front alongside Emmanuel Emenike.


    VenueArena Pantanal, Cuiabá

    Kick-off: June 21, 2200GMT

    Key stats: Nigeria have won four, lost four and drawn once against European sides at the World Cup.

    Nigeria’s last World Cup goal from open play came in 2002 (Aghahowa against Sweden). Since then, the Eagles have mustered just three goals in five games, all from dead-ball situations.

    No player was involved in more goals than Edin Dzeko in the European qualifiers (14 – 10 goals, 4 assists).



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