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Group E preview: Honduras v Ecuador

These two teams are playing for pride at Arena da Baixada as the loser will likely finish at the bottom of Group E.

    Honduras have never won a game at the World Cup and have not scored since 1982 [GALLO/GETTY]
    Honduras have never won a game at the World Cup and have not scored since 1982 [GALLO/GETTY]

    Honduras and Ecuador both lost their opening games and are now chasing a vital World Cup victory in a game that will see both coaches plotting the downfall of their former teams.

    Striker Enner Valencia put Ecuador in front against Switzerland but they were eventually beaten 2-1 after conceding  a stoppage time goal.

    Enner Valencia is concidered their major goal threat, while Jefferson Montero and Antonio Valencia providing the ammo from the wings. They will look to use their pace on the counter-attack.

    Honduras lost 3-0 to France and played for more than half the game with 10 men after English based midfielder Wilson Palacios was sent off. Palacios will miss the Ecuador game because of suspension.

    They have never won a game at the World Cup but will look to strikers Jerry Bengtson and Carlo Costly to break end thier goal drought as they have not scored since a 1-1 with Northern Ireland in 1982.


    VenueArena da Baixada, Curitiba

    Kick-off: June 20, 22:00GMT

    Key stats: This is the first competitive fixture between the two nations.

    Their 13 previous meetings were all friendlies; eight ended in draws, while Ecuador have won three times and Honduras twice.

    Honduras have failed to score in their last five World Cup games, which equals the record set by Bolivia (1930-1994) and Algeria (1986-2014).

    Ecuador have gone six matches without keeping a clean sheet.


    SOURCE: Reuters


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