Khan beats former champ Alexander

Unanimous decision by the judges hands Britain's Amir Khan the win over Devon Alexander in welterweight fight.

    Khan (L) might get a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr after this win [Getty Images]
    Khan (L) might get a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr after this win [Getty Images]

    Amir Khan put his name in the mix for a possible fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr, using his speed and accurate right hand to win a lopsided 12-round decision over former champion Devon Alexander in a welterweight matchup.

    Khan (30-3) won round after round using the same formula, jabbing at Alexander and following it with right hands that found their mark more often than they missed.

    The British fighter didn't knock down Alexander (26-3) and never seemed to really hurt him, but was impressive enough to solidify his spot in the lineup for a possible fight next year with Mayweather.

    Khan pitched a shutout on one ringside scorecard, winning 120-108, while the other judges scored it 119-109 and 118 110.

    "I didn't call Floyd Mayweather out with total confidence before, but now I feel I proved to everyone I deserve that fight,'' Khan said.

    Promoter Oscar De La Hoya said it is a fight he would love to make, if Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao can't come to terms for a bout next year.

    Mayweather said Friday he wanted to fight Pacquiao, but immediately put conditions on negotiations for what would be the richest fight ever.



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