Froch sliences Groves with KO

Carl Froch knocks out George Groves in the eighth round of an all-British super-middleweight title fight at Wembley.

    Froch has won 33 of his 35 fights, with two defeats, while Groves slips to 19 wins and two defeats [Getty Images]
    Froch has won 33 of his 35 fights, with two defeats, while Groves slips to 19 wins and two defeats [Getty Images]

    Carl Froch landed the punch of his life to knock out George Groves in the eighth round and retain his WBA and IBF super-middleweight titles in front of an 80,000 sell-out crowd at Wembley Stadium.

    The grizzled 36-year-old, in his 12th world title fight, exploded his right glove flush on to the chin of fellow Briton Groves late in the round to end the contest in brutal fashion.

    "That was a great right-hander. I timed it perfectly," said the Nottingham fighter who has struggled throughout his career to earn the plaudits his 33-2 record merits.

    It must be the best punch I have ever thrown and landed in my life.

    Carl Froch, IBF and WBA super-middleweight champion

    "It must be the best punch I have ever thrown and landed in my life. It is not going to get any better than this."

    The hype had been building for weeks with both fighters trading insults and the atmosphere before the fight was electric as the two boxers made their way into the stadium.

    Groves entered the arena on top of a double decker bus with pyrotechnics lighting up the night sky while Nottingham's Froch walked to the ring with Queen's anthem 'We Will Rock You' reverberating around the cavernous venue.

    The first couple of rounds were cagey with Groves landing the odd crisp jab and staying well clear of trouble.

    Boos rang out early in the third round as the fighters continued to size each other up but battle commenced almost immediately with Groves landing a thumping right hand.

    The champion continued to claw back the early deficit in the next two rounds, although the tiring Groves showed he was still dangerous by staggering Froch with a spiteful left jab.

    There was no warning of what was to come as the action lulled in the eighth, but when his chance came Froch landed one of the best punches of his career to claim a brutal victory.

    Groves to regroup

    A swinging left knocked Groves off balance and with his chin exposed Froch unleashed a punch so pure that the referee did not even bother to go through the formality of a count.

    "I think I was ahead on the scorecards until that," said Groves, who was controversially stopped in the ninth round when he met Froch for the first time in November.

    "I'll be pushing hard to get my world title shot and maybe, if he's still boxing, that might be against Carl again. Back to the drawing board."

    The all-British bout was the first at the new Wembley Stadium since it opened in 2007, and the attendance set a new post-World War II record for a boxing event in Britain.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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