Hawks down Bulls for 12th straight win

Horford scores 22 points and grabs nine rebounds as Atlanta edge out Chicago in the NBA while the Piston thump the 76ers

    Horford's (#15) efforts ensured Atlanta never trailed in the game [Getty Images]
    Horford's (#15) efforts ensured Atlanta never trailed in the game [Getty Images]

    The Atlanta Hawks matched their second-longest winning streak in franchise history night by beating the Chicago Bulls 107-99 for their 12th straight victory.

    Al Horford scored 22 points and grabbed nine rebounds for Atlanta (33-8), which never trailed.

    Elsewhere, Klay Thompson produced a brilliant two-way performance and the Golden State Warriors turned a pair of scoring runs into a 131-106 victory over the Houston Rockets.

    Thompson scored 27 points and posted a career-high five blocked shots while effectively shutting down the league's leading scorer, Rockets guard James Harden.

    Kyle Singler fired in a career-high six three-pointers and the Detroit Pistons continued their hot streak with a 107-89 thumping of the Philadelphia 76ers.

    Other results:

    Wizards 99, Nets 90

    Hornets 80, Pacers 71 (OT)

    Timberwolves 113, Nuggets 105

    Grizzlies 102, Trail Blazers 98

    Clippers 117, Kings 108

    SOURCE: Reuters


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