Durant leads romp of Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant top-scores in Oklahoma City Thunder's win in the NBA while Hawks beat Raptors to extend unbeaten run.

    Durant (left) helped the Thunder improve to 19-20 [AP]
    Durant (left) helped the Thunder improve to 19-20 [AP]

    Kevin Durant scored 36 points and Russell Westbrook notched his ninth career triple-double to lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 127-115 victory over the Golden State Warriors.

    Westbrook finished with 17 points to go with career highs of 16 assists and 15 rebounds as the Thunder improved to 19-20.

    Elsewhere, centre Al Horford scored 22 points and the Atlanta Hawks beat the Toronto Raptors 110-89 to extend their winning streak to 11 games, a feat they last achieved in 1997.

    The Hawks also recorded their 10th straight road win, extending a team record.

    Forward Kawhi Leonard scored 20 points on his return from injury and the San Antonio Spurs beat the Portland Trail Blazers 110-96. Leonard missed 15 games with ligament damage in his right hand.

    Other results:

    Pistons 98, Pacers 96

    Nets 102, Wizards 80

    Grizzlies 106, Magic 96

    76ers 96, Pelicans 81

    Bulls 119, Celtics 103

    Cavaliers 126, Clippers 121

    Mavericks 97, Nuggets 89

    Suns 110, Timberwolves 99

    Jazz 94, Lakers 85

    Heat 95, Kings 83

    SOURCE: Reuters


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