Spurs hold off Sixers' onslaught

San Antonio Spurs had a 25-point lead wiped off by the Philadelphia Sixers in the NBA but still managed to win.

    Leonard scored 26 points in Spurs' win [AP]
    Leonard scored 26 points in Spurs' win [AP]

    The winless Philadelphia Sixers cut a 25-point, first-half deficit to just five in the closing minutes, before the San Antonio Spurs hung on for a 109-103 victory.

    Forward Kawhi Leonard scored 26-points, pulled in 10 rebounds and made four assists for the Spurs, who were without the resting Tim Duncan and injured Tony Parker.

    Elsewhere, swingman Rasual Butler scored 23 points and guard John Wall had 18 points and 13 assists as the Washington Wizards blitzed the Miami Heat 107-86.

    Point guard Ty Lawson hit a go-ahead jumper and forward Darrell Arthur nailed two clutch free throws to lift the Denver Nuggets to a 103-101 win over the Utah Jazz.

    Forward Blake Griffin and guard JJ Redick scored 23 points apiece, and the Los Angeles Clippers rolled past the Minnesota Timberwolves 127-101.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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