Parsons' season-best in Dallas' win

Chandler Parsons scores a season-high 32 points as Dallas beat Detroit while Grizzlies edge out Spurs in the NBA.

    Parsons finished two points shy of his career best [Getty Images]
    Parsons finished two points shy of his career best [Getty Images]

    Chandler Parsons poured in a season-high 32 points and Monta Ellis supplied 25 to lead Dallas 117-106 over Detroit.

    Parsons, who has been battling back soreness, finished two points shy of his career high and also grabbed seven rebounds.

    Ellis had eight assists from his shooting guard spot for Dallas, which has an 8-0 road record against Eastern Conference opponents.

    Elsewhere, power forward Zach Randolph scored 21 points, including all six of his team's total in the third overtime period, as the Memphis Grizzlies edged out the San Antonio Spurs 117-116.

    A three-point barrage in the second half allowed the Spurs to erase a big early deficit and put themselves in position to win but they were unable to close out the Grizzlies due to poor foul shooting.

    Shelvin Mack set career highs in both points and three-pointers as the Atlanta Hawks routed the Cleveland Cavaliers 127-98.

    Other results:

    Jazz 105, Heat 87

    Suns 111, Hornets 106

    Celtics 109, Magic 92

    Raptors 105, Nets 89

    SOURCE: Reuters


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