Kobe-less Lakers snap losing streak

LA Lakers seal a much-needed win over the Golden State Warriors, their first over these opponents in last five meetings.

    Los Angeles Lakers had lost their last three games [EPA]
    Los Angeles Lakers had lost their last three games [EPA]

    One of the worst in the Western Conference beat the NBA team with the best record as the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors 115-105, despite playing without guard and leading scorer Kobe Bryant.

    The Lakers, who trail only the Minnesota Timberwolves for mediocrity in the West, snapped a three-game losing streak and defeated the Warriors for the first time in five meetings.

    Bryant missed the game due to fatigue.

    Elsewhere, in their first meeting since headlining one of the NBA's highest-profile off-season trades, Andrew Wiggins outshone Kevin Love by scoring 27 points but Cleveland took the spoils, pulling away late in the third quarter to rout Minnesota 125-104.

    Guard Derrick Rose scored eight of his game-high 25 points over the final three-and-a-half minutes as the Bulls beat Wizards 99-91.

    Other results:

    Magic 100, Celtics 95

    Suns 124, Mavericks 115

    Pacers 96, Pelicans 84

    Nets 102, Nuggets 96

    76ers 91, Heat 87

    Hawks 107, Clippers 104

    Hornets 108, Bucks 101

    Trail Blazers 115, Thunder 111 (OT)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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