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Kobe reaches points landmark in win

Joins Abdul-Jabbar, Malone and Jordan in the 32,000-points club as the Lakers seal only their second win of the season.

    Bryant needs another 291 points to catch Jordan [Getty Images]
    Bryant needs another 291 points to catch Jordan [Getty Images]

    Kobe Bryant scored 28 points to surpass 32,000 in his career and helped the Los Angeles Lakers to a 114-109 win over the Atlanta Hawks, just their second victory this season.

    Bryant joined Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone and Michael Jordan as the only players to surpass 32,000 career points.

    Bryant needs 291 more points to catch the third-placed Jordan, who has 32,292.

    Elsewhere, Alec Burks scored 20 points and collected a career-high 14 rebounds while Enes Kanter chipped in 16 points and 15 boards to help Utah rally for a 98-81 victory over Oklahoma City.

    Trey Burke added 17 points and nine assists for Utah, helping the Jazz rally from a 17-point second-quarter deficit.

    Jerryd Bayless made five of six free throws in the final minute and Ersan Ilyasova scored 20 points as Milwaukee held off a furious fightback by New York to win 117-113.

    Anthony Davis scored 28 points, the first Kings opponent to reach that total this season, and the Pelicans rode a big second half to 106-100 victory over Sacramento at Sleep Train Arena.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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