Harden helps Rockets sink 76ers

Houston get the better of Philadelphia while Lopez, Williams lead the Nets to an easy win over Oklahoma City Thunder.

    Harden (13) scored 35 points for the Rockets [Getty Images]
    Harden (13) scored 35 points for the Rockets [Getty Images]

    James Harden scored 35 points and Trevor Ariza added 24 as the Houston Rockets completed a 104-93 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers.

    Houston's Isaiah Canaan, starting for injured guard Patrick Beverley, added 13 points.

    Elsewhere, Brook Lopez returned to the starting lineup and scored 18 points and guard Deron Williams chipped in with 17 points and nine assists to lead the Brooklyn Nets to an easy 116-85 victory over the injury-riddled Oklahoma City Thunder.

    Guard Alan Anderson also had 18 points and forward Mason Plumlee added 10, both off the bench, while guard Joe Johnson had 13 points as the Nets took the lead from the opening tap and raced out to the easy win.

    The Memphis Grizzlies remained unbeaten with a 93-81 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans as three Grizzlies players recorded double-doubles.

    The Dallas Mavericks survived a poor third quarter to hold on for a 118-113 victory over the Boston Celtics.

    Sacramento Kings guard Darren Collison scored 21 points and center DeMarcus Cousins added 19 as the Kings held off the Denver Nuggets for a 110-105 win.

    Blake Griffin scored 31 points, Chris Paul recorded a triple-double, and the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Utah Jazz 107-101.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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