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Kobe's homecoming celebrations spoiled

Carmelo Anthony scores 25 points as the New York Knicks seal a 95-90 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA.

    Anthony's 25 points included a big basket over Bryant in the final minute [Getty Images]
    Anthony's 25 points included a big basket over Bryant in the final minute [Getty Images]

    Carmelo Anthony scored 25 points, including a big basket over LeBron James in the final minute, and the New York Knicks spoiled James' home-coming celebrations with a 95-90 victory over the revamped Cleveland Cavaliers.

    The Cavaliers (0-1) wilted under the pressure of a big opening night as James shot just 5-for-15 and finished with 17 points, five rebounds and eight turnovers.

    It was the star forward's first game back since announcing that he was returning to Cleveland after four years in Miami in July.

    Elsewhere, All-Star point guard John Wall had 30 points and 12 assists, leading the Washington Wizards to a 105-98 victory over the Orlando Magic.

    Centre Nikola Pekovic notched his first double-double of the season with 17 points and 10 rebounds, and the Minnesota Timberwolves fended off a fourth-quarter rally by the Detroit Pistons for a 97-91 victory in their home opener.

    Dirk Nowitzki scored 21 points as the Dallas Mavericks pounded the Utah Jazz 120-102.

    Forward Blake Griffin scored 23 points, including two crucial free throws down the stretch, and point guard Chris Paul added 22 to lead the Los Angeles Clippers to a 93-90 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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