Australia angry over 'loss' claims

National basketball federation slams claims that the team lost their World Cup game against Angola on purpose.

    Angola had beaten Australia 91-83 in the group match [AFP]
    Angola had beaten Australia 91-83 in the group match [AFP]

    Basketball Australia have reacted furiously to allegations their team deliberately lost a game at the World Cup last week, saying they were "downright wrong" and an insult to the country's sporting culture.

    Basketball's world governing body FIBA opened disciplinary proceedings against Australia on Monday over suspicions they had lost a game against Angola in order to delay an encounter with powerhouse the US.

    "Basketball Australia categorically rejects any suggestion that the Australian Boomers were a party to contriving the result of the 2014 FIBA World Cup game between Australia and Angola," read a statement released on Tuesday.

    "The Australian Boomers went into the game against Angola to win - plain and simple.

    "Claims to the contrary are widely speculative, insulting to the Australian sporting culture and to our playing group who gave their very best throughout this tournament. They're downright wrong."

    At the World Cup in Spain last Thursday, the Boomers were beaten 91-83 by Angola in the group stage, the result ensuring Australia finished third instead of second in their preliminary pool.

    "The on-court behaviour displayed by Australia in that game generated huge disappointment by basketball fans and experts," FIBA said in a statement.

    "It is widely suspected that Australia lost the game in order to avoid having to face reigning world champions USA until the semi-finals."

    SOURCE: Reuters


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