Spurs set up 2013 Final rematch

The San Antonio Spurs advance to the 2014 NBA Finals by beating the Oklahoma City Thunder 112-107 in overtime.

    Spurs set up 2013 Final rematch [Reuters]
    Spurs set up 2013 Final rematch [Reuters]

    The San Antonio Spurs dug deep to score a thrilling 112-107 overtime victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder to advance to the NBA Finals and a championship rematch against the Miami Heat.

    With point guard Tony Parker lost in the second half due to an ankle injury, the Spurs relied on their deep bench and then went to evergreen power forward Tim Duncan in overtime to clinch a victory that gave them the Western Conference Finals 4-2.

    Duncan scored the last seven points for the Spurs, who dumped the ball to him down low and let him deliver a master lesson on post-up basketball to the Thunder's premier shot blocker Serge Ibaka.

    The virtuoso overtime performance by Duncan gave him 19  points in the game along with a game-high 15 rebounds.

    Oklahoma's frantic comeback

    Bench player Boris Diaw led San Antonio with 26 points while fellow reserve Manu Ginobili scored 15 points.

    San Antonio outscored the Thunder 37-20 in the third quarter to seize a 10-point lead heading into the fourth but, after extending the edge to 12 points early in the last quarter, a frantic comeback allowed Oklahoma City to tie the game and send it into overtime.

    Russell Westbrook led the Thunder with 34 points and Kevin Durant added 31 for Oklahoma City, who had only five players break into the scoresheet and came up short in the end.

    The Spurs, who lost a heartbreaking seven-game Finals last year against Miami, will host Lebron James and the Heat in Game One in San Antonio.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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