Pacers too hot for Miami in NBA

Paul George stars as the Indiana Pacers win Game One of their Eastern Conference playoff 107-96 in Indianapolis.

    Paul George scored 24 points as Indiana had six players in double-figures on their home floor [Reuters]
    Paul George scored 24 points as Indiana had six players in double-figures on their home floor [Reuters]

    The Indiana Pacers delivered one of their most balanced performances in a shaky post-season to beat the visiting Miami Heat 107-96 in Game One of the Eastern Conference finals.

    The Pacers have not always been at their best in escaping the first two rounds of the playoffs, but against the defending champions the Heat they again looked like the conference's top seeds to start the best-of-seven series.

    Indiana scored the game's first seven points and led by 10 at halftime, helped by Miami starting the game with a small lineup, featuring James and Shane Battier at the forwards.

    After halftime, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra started the bigger Udonis Haslem instead of Battier, but the move provided little help.

    "They have a very physical front line. It's going to have to be a collective effort," James said. "We'll figure it out in Game Two."

    The Pacers have had an unsettling last couple of months, stumbling to end the regular season and playing inconsistently during the playoffs.

    Indiana's big advantage

    Paul George scored a team-high 24 points and had seven assists as Indiana had six players in double-figures on their home floor.

    Indiana big men David West and Roy Hibbert each scored 19 points, while Dwyane Wade led Miami with 27 points and LeBron James put up 25 and 10 rebounds.

    The Pacers have been eliminated from the playoffs by Miami the past two seasons, including in last year's Eastern Conference finals that went all seven games.

    They needed the full seven games to overcome the eighth seed Atlanta Hawks in the opening round, and were also challenged throughout six games with the underdog Washington Wizards.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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