Yankees topple Red Sox

Carsten Sabathia leads the New York Yankees to a 15-5 win over their oldest rivals, the Boston Red Sox in MLB.

    The Yankees improve to 5-2 against the 2013 MLB champions Red Sox this season [Reuters]
    The Yankees improve to 5-2 against the 2013 MLB champions Red Sox this season [Reuters]

    The New York Yankees took advantage of sloppy Boston defense and shoddy pitching to cruise to a 14-5 win over the Red Sox.

    Elsewhere, there were wins for the Detroit Tigers, San Diego Padres and Philadelphia Phillies.

    The Yankees (13-9) capitalised on five errors, three wild pitches and a passed ball by the Red Sox (10-13) to improve to 5-2 against the MLB champions this season.

    Most of the defensive damage on a chilly night was done in the first three innings, when the Yankees took a 7-0 lead against losing pitcher Felix Doubront (1-3), and Yankees starter CC Sabathia took it from there.

    Sabathia (3-2) gave up two runs in the bottom of the third but then worked through the sixth, leaving with a 12-2 lead.

    Rookie third baseman Yangervis Solarte stroked a pair of two-run hits, former Red Sox centre fielder Jacoby Ellsbury had three hits and three RBIs, shortstop Derek Jeter drove in two runs and first baseman Mark Teixeira hit a solo homer, his first of the year, in a 14-hit attack by the Yankees.

    Phillies thrash Dodgers

    Catcher Carlos Ruiz hit a tie-breaking two-run double in the ninth inning and right fielder Marlon Byrd drove in four runs, sparking the Philadelphia Phillies to a 7-3 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Ruiz, who went 3-for-3 with two walks, started a four-run ninth with his double to left off reliever Brian Wilson to drive in Cody Asche and Ben Revere with one out.

    After an intentional walk to Chase Utley and Wilson hitting Ryan Howard with a pitch, Byrd, who had a 3-for-5 outing with two doubles, lined a two-run single to left, scoring Ruiz and Utley.

    The victory allowed the Phillies (11-11) to take three of four in the series against the Dodgers (13-10).

    Mike Adams (1-0) pitched two innings of relief, allowing a solo home run to Adrian Gonzalez, his club-leading sixth, that tied the score at 3 in the seventh inning.

    In other matches, the Detroit Tigers beat the Chicago White Sox 7-4, the San Diego Chargers defeated the Washington Nationals 4-3 and the Philadelphia Phillies thrashed the LA Dodgers 7-3.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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