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LeBron's 36 too hot for the Pacers

Heat star piles more misery on the Indiana Pacers who lose for the 13th time in 21 games with a 98-86 defeat.

    LeBron James (right) scored 36 points out of Heat's total of 98 [AFP]
    LeBron James (right) scored 36 points out of Heat's total of 98 [AFP]

    LeBron James scored 36 points to lead the Miami Heat to a 98-86 home win over the Indiana Pacers in a battle between the two teams vying for first place in the Eastern Conference.

    Forward Paul George led the Pacers with 22 points, and David West added 18 for the reeling Pacers, who lost for the 13th time in their past 21 games.

    Elsewhere, the Atlanta Hawks moved one step closer to clinching a playoff berth when they beat Brooklyn 93-88, ending the Nets' franchise-best 15-game home winning streak.

    The Chicago Bulls recovered from an 18-point deficit in the second half to win 106-98 at home over the Detroit Pistons.

    Forward Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points and the New York Knicks kept their playoff hopes alive with a 108-100 road win over the Toronto Raptors.

    Veteran forward Nene, in his second game back after missing more than a month with a left knee injury, scored 17 points in 20 minutes to lead the Washington Wizards to a 96-86 road win over the Orlando Magic.

    Other results:

    Celtics 106 - 103 Bobcats
    Spurs 112 - 104 Suns
    Grizzlies 117 - 95 76ers
    Thunder 116 - 94 Pelicans
    Timberwolves 112 - 110 Rockets
    Bucks 119 - 116 Cavaliers
    Trail Blazers 111 - 99 Jazz
    Warriors 112 - 95 Lakers

    SOURCE: Reuters


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