LA Clippers edge ahead in playoffs

Team wins 113-103 to take 3-2 series lead over Golden State hours after owner was banned for life by the NBA.

    LA Clippers bounced back from a 118-97 thrashing in Oakland two days earlier [Reuters]
    LA Clippers bounced back from a 118-97 thrashing in Oakland two days earlier [Reuters]

    Los Angeles Clippers had an emotion-charged 113-103 win over Golden State just hours after team owner Donald Sterling was banned for life by the NBA for racial remarks he made in a recorded conversation.

    The Clippers showed admirable composure to put aside the Sterling controversy and beat Golden State to take a 3-2 series lead.

    DeAndre Jordan had 25 points - a playoff career high - and 18 rebounds while Chris Paul scored 20 points for the Clippers.

    Los Angeles coach Doc Rivers high-fived each of his players near the bench in an uncommon display of excitement as the final seconds ticked away. NBA commissioner Adam Silver also fined Sterling $2.5 million and called on NBA owners to force him to sell the team.

    Elsewhere, Washington booked its place in the next round of the NBA playoffs with a 75-69 victory at Chicago, a result that sealed a 4-1 series-win.

    Washington's John Wall finished with 24 points and Nene scored 20 in the Wizards low-scoring win at Chicago.

    It is only the third time since the 1970s that the Wizards have gone beyond the first round of the playoffs.

    Memphis and Oklahoma City went to overtime for the fourth-straight game in the series, with the Grizzlies pulling out a 100-99 road win that put them within one win of reaching the last-eight.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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