Royals take World Series lead

A 3-2 nailbiting win gives Kansas City a win in the third game against the San Francisco Giants in the MLB.

    Going by history, the Royals are favourites to win [Getty Images]
    Going by history, the Royals are favourites to win [Getty Images]

    The Kansas City Royals followed their formula for success to perfection turning a tight game over to their "monstrous" bullpen to beat the San Francisco Giants and seize the upper hand in the World Series.

    After each team claimed a lopsided win in the first two games of the best-of-seven, Game Three was a 3-2 nailbiter that gave the visitors a 2-1 lead in the series.

    The pivotal victory was preserved by four hitless innings thrown by Royals relievers.

    Of the previous 56 times a Fall Classic has been tied 1-1, the team that has won Game Three has gone on to win the Major League Baseball championship two-thirds of the time.

    Kansas City starter Jeremy Guthrie pitched five shutout innings before wobbling in the sixth and turning the game over to the bullpen brigade.

    Unbeaten through the post-season until they lost the first game of the World Series at home on Tuesday, the upstart Royals have produced back-to-back wins and could take command of the series in Saturday's Game Four in San Francisco.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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