Giants hit back to level World Series

The San Francisco Giants overturn a three-run deficit and win game four against the Kansas City Royals in the MLB.

    The Giants scored eight runs on 10 hits against four relievers [Getty Images]
    The Giants scored eight runs on 10 hits against four relievers [Getty Images]

    The San Francisco Giants battered Kansas City's second tier relievers to turn a three-run deficit into an 11-4 blowout and level the best-of-seven World Series at 2-2.

    The Royals grabbed a 4-1 advantage in the third inning and looked as though they might inch closer to a storybook title triumph before the Giants showed the resilience that has delivered them two other World Series titles since 2010.

    San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy felt great about the way his club battled.

    "Great game tonight," said Bochy. "These guys fought hard. They scratched and clawed to get back in it. You know you get down against this bullpen, you have your work cut out. But these guys didn't stop fighting."

    In front of a raucous home crowd, the Giants produced their biggest offensive display of the playoffs and rescued starter Ryan Vogelsong, who lasted just 2-2/3 innings and gave up seven hits and was in line for his first post-season loss.

    Hunter Pence had three hits and drove in three runs, while Pablo Sandoval and Joe Panik each had two hits and a pair of RBIs.

    San Francisco had 16 hits against five Royals pitchers as the game got out of hand before manager Yost was ready to turn to his trio of dominant relievers in Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and closer Greg Holland.

    The Giants scored eight runs on 10 hits against four relievers after being held hitless for four innings in Friday's 3-2 loss.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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