Cardinals, Giants eye World Series spot

St Louis beat LA Dodgers while San Francisco edge out Washington to confirm National League Championship Series spot.

    Celebrations for the Giants after they beat the Nationals 3-2 to [AP]
    Celebrations for the Giants after they beat the Nationals 3-2 to [AP]

    The St. Louis Cardinals will take on the San Francisco Giants in the National League Championship Series after both came up with winning runs in the seventh inning, both won 3-2 and both clinched 3-1 series victories.

    St. Louis edged the Los Angeles Dodgers while the Giants overcame Washington. Now the two teams that have split the past four NLCS between them will face off for a spot in the World Series.

    In St. Louis, the key moment came in the bottom of the seventh inning with the Cardinals trailing 2-0. Matt Adams got hold of a Clayton Kershaw pitch and blasted it into the bullpen beyond right field for a three-run homer that put the hosts ahead for good.

    The bottom of the seventh also proved decisive in San Francisco, where the Giants had loaded the bases when Nationals pitcher Aaron Barrett threw a wild pitch, allowing the go-ahead run.



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