Washington dent Atlanta's title hopes

Braves' 6-4 loss in the MLB gives Nationals a nine-game divisional lead at the top of the National League East.

    Washington now hold a nine-game divisional lead [EPA]
    Washington now hold a nine-game divisional lead [EPA]

    Washington beat Atlanta 6-4 and essentially put to rest any thought that there is still a serious race for the National League East title, opening a nine-game divisional lead and also damaging the Braves' wild-card ambitions.

    Washington's Adam LaRoche singled in a run in a four-run first innings and added another RBI single in the second.

    Elsewhere, Detroit won 4-2 at home against Kansas City, with the key moment coming in the fifth inning as Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer worked his way out of a bases-loaded jam.

    San Diego arrested a six-game losing skid by winning 6-3 at the Dodgers, with Andrew Cashner pitching seven strong innings to win for the first time since mid-April.

    Cincinnati's Devin Mesoraco homered and drove in three runs to lead the Reds to a 9-5 win against St. Louis, ending a six-game run of defeats.

    Baltimore's Alejandro De Aza hit two homers and Adam Jones added another to power the Orioles past Boston 4-1.

    Other results:

    Oakland 11-2 Chicago White Sox

    Miami 6-3 Milwaukee.

    LA Angels 9-3 Texas 

    Tampa Bay 4-3 New York Yankees

    Philadelphia 4-2 Pittsburgh

    Toronto 9-2 Cubs

    San Francicso 4-1 Arizona

    Minnesota 4-3 Cleveland

    NY Mets 2-0 Colorado



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