Liriano's accuracy blanks out the Braves

Pittsburgh's Francisco Liriano guides his side to a narrow win while Oakland continue push for wild-card spot in the MLB

    Liriano allowed just three hits in the six innings [AP]
    Liriano allowed just three hits in the six innings [AP]

    Pittsburgh left-hander Francisco Liriano pitched six scoreless innings in a 1-0 win over the Atlanta Braves.

    Liriano (7-10) allowed only three hits and walked four, struck out seven and helped the Pirates reduce their magic number to two games over the Milwaukee Brewers.

    Liriano got the only run he needed from centre fielder Andrew McCutchen, who led off the sixth inning against Atlanta starter Aaron Harang with a line-drive homer, his 24th, into the left-center field bleachers.

    Elsewhere, right-hander Jeff Samardzija pitched seven strong innings, and Oakland continued its push for an American League wild-card playoff berth with a 8-4 victory over Los Angeles.

    Eric Stults and four relievers blanked the Rockies on 10 hits and Rene Rivera provided the game's only run with a first inning double as the San Diego Padres defeated Colorado 1-0.

    Other results:

    Cardinals 8, Cubs 0

    Royals 2, Indians 0

    Yankees 5, Orioles 0

    White Sox 2, Tigers 0

    Blue Jays 14, Mariners 4

    Rangers 4, Astros 3

    Diamondbacks 6, Twins 2

    SOURCE: Reuters


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