Pence helps Giants rout Mets

Hunter Pence hits two home runs and collects four RBIs as San Francisco thrash the New York Mets in MLB.

    Pence third-inning, two-run home run was key in the Giants' huge win [AP]
    Pence third-inning, two-run home run was key in the Giants' huge win [AP]

    Left-hander Madison Bumgarner threw a two-hit shutout, and Hunter Pence hit two home runs and collected four RBIs as the San Francisco Giants routed the New York Mets 9-0.

    Catcher Buster Posey went 4-for-5 with a two-run homer and three RBIs for the Giants (60-51), who moved within 2.5 games of the first-place Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West

    Bumgarner improved to 13-8 on the season while the Mets (53-58) have just eight hits in the first three games of a four game series.

    Elsewhere, the New York Yankees came from behind three times to score an 8-7 win over arch-rivals Boston.

    Left fielder Brett Gardner broke a 7-7 tie with a solo homer leading off the sixth inning, newly acquired infielder Stephen Drew drove in four runs against his old team, and recently claimed reliever Esmil Rogers tossed three innings of no-hit relief to give the Yankees the win.

    Other results:

    Cardinals 3, Brewers 2

    Royals 4, Athletics 2

    Angels 7, Rays 5

    Tigers 4, Rockies 0

    Orioles 1, Mariners 0

    Indians 4, Rangers 3 (12 innings)

    Padres 4, Braves 3 (10 innings)

    Nationals 4, Phillies 0

    Cubs 7, Dodgers 3

    Twins 16, White Sox 3

    Astros 6, Blue Jays 1

    Reds 7, Marlins 3

    Diamondbacks 3, Pirates 2 (10 innings)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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