Lester helps Oakland shut out Minnesota

Left-hander pitches fourth career-shutout, Stephen Vogt hits two-run homer as the As beat the Twin 3-0 in the MLB.

    Lester was making only his second start for Oakland [AP]
    Lester was making only his second start for Oakland [AP]

    Left-hander Jon Lester pitched his fourth career-shutout and first baseman Stephen Vogt hit two-run homer to lift the Oakland As to a 3-0 victory against the Minnesota Twins in the MLB.

    Making his second start for the As since being traded on July 31 to Oakland from Boston, Lester allowed just three hits and recorded his 11th career complete game.

    The As (70-44) beat Minnesota for the fourth consecutive time this season and 10th overall, the longest streak against the Twins in Oakland history.

    Elsewhere, Milwaukee right-hander Wily Peralta (14-6) held San Francisco to one run and seven hits in six-plus innings as the Brewers beat the Giants 3-1.

    Peralta set a career high with nine strikeouts and walked just one batter for his fifth consecutive victory, making him the first pitcher in the major leagues to win 14 games this season.

    Other results:

    Yankees 1, Tigers 0

    Nationals 5, Mets 3 (13)

    Cubs 6, Rockies 2

    Reds 4, Indians 0

    Phillies 6, Astros 5

    Orioles 2, Blue Jays 1

    Pirates 7, Marlins 2

    Cardinals 5, Red Sox 2

    Royals 6, Diamondbacks 2

    Mariners 13, White Sox 3

    Dodgers 7, Angels 0

    SOURCE: Reuters


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