Cuddyer leads Rockies' sweep

Colorado beat Cincinnati 10-5 while Washington beat Pittsburgh 6-5 to sweep the three-game series in MLB.

    Cuddyer doubled in the eight innings against Cincinnati [AP]
    Cuddyer doubled in the eight innings against Cincinnati [AP]

    Michael Cuddyer hit for the cycle to highlight Colorado's doubleheader sweep of Cincinnati with a 10-5 win.

    Cuddyer doubled in the eighth innings, where the Rockies scored five runs, to complete the feat.

    The Rockies beat the Reds 10-9 in the earlier game.

    Elsewhere, pinch-hitter Scott Hairston had an RBI sacrifice fly in the last of the 11th against reliever Brandon Cumpton as the Washington Nationals beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-5 to sweep the three-game series.

    The hit scored right fielder Jayson Werth, who led off the 11th with a double off the wall in left and went to third on a ground-out.

    Catcher Jonathan Lucroy homered and drove in five runs, leading the Milwaukee Brewers to a sweep of the Los Angeles Dodgers with a 7-2 victory.

    Carlos Gomez hit his 20th home run as the Brewers (70-55) handed the Dodgers their first three-game sweep of the season.

    Other results:

    Royals 12, Twins 6

    Rangers 3, Angels 2

    Giants 5, Phillies 2

    Cardinals 7, Padres 6

    Mariners 8, Tigers 1

    Orioles 4, Indians 1

    Yankees 4, Rays 2

    Astros 8, Red Sox 1

    Marlins 10, Diamondbacks 3

    Cubs 2, Mets 1

    Rockies 10, Reds 9 (first game)

    White Sox 7, Blue Jays 5

    Braves 4, As 3

    SOURCE: Reuters


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