Miller leads Cardinals to win

Pitcher Shelby Miller dominates as the St. Louis Cardinals win 4-1 against the Atlanta Braves at Busch Stadium.

    Shelby Miller (6-2) extends his career-best winning streak to six games [AFP]
    Shelby Miller (6-2) extends his career-best winning streak to six games [AFP]

    Shelby Miller finally found the command that has eluded him all season and had his best outing of 2014 as the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Atlanta Braves 4-1.

    He allowed only five hits, two walks and an unearned run over seven innings as the Cardinals matched their season-high winning streak of four games.

    "I felt like we did a really good job of keeping the hitters off-balance and getting ahead in the count," Miller said. "Just an all-around good day, but at the same time there's still room for improvement." 

    Miller (6-2) struck out seven and threw 72 of his 101 pitches for strikes.

    He entered the game having issued 27 walks in 44 2/3 innings, with none of his eight starts lasting longer than six innings.

    Yankees thrash Pirates 

    Elsewhere, Mark Teixeira and Brian McCann hit two-run homers and the New York Yankees matched a season-high with five homers in a 7-1 home victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    Teixeira and McCann bookended New York's third straight win by connecting in the first and ninth inning, respectively.

    In Houston, Dexter Fowler delivered two critical insurance runs as part of his 3-for-4 performance and the Houston Astros held on to beat the Chicago White Sox 6-5.

    After walking and scoring as part of Houston's four-run first inning, Fowler smacked an opposite-field leadoff home run in the fifth before driving in right fielder George Springer with an RBI single in the seventh.

    The Astros (15-28) needed the additional runs because the White Sox (21-23) rallied for two in the top of the eighth.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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