Granderson lifts Mets over Braves

Newcomer Curtis Granderson hits a sacrifice fly in the 14th inning to help the New York Mets to a 4-3 win in MLB.

    Granderson signed a $60 million, four-year contract in December from the Yankees [AFP]
    Granderson signed a $60 million, four-year contract in December from the Yankees [AFP]

    The slumping Mets newcomer Curtis Granderson hit a sacrifice fly in the 14th inning to help New York outlast the Atlanta Braves 4-3 to prevent a three-game sweep.

    David Wright had four hits and New York took advantage of three early errors by Atlanta, which had won seven of eight.

    Granderson went 0 for 6 with an error and was booed all afternoon. But he turned those jeers to cheers at the end of a long day.

    Kirk Nieuwenhuis drew a leadoff walk from Gus Schlosser (0-1) and advanced on Ruben Tejada's sacrifice bunt.

    Eric Young Jr. was intentionally walked to bring up Granderson, hitless in his last 16 at-bats and stuck in a 4-for-44 slide that's dropped his average to .127.

    The runners moved up on a wild pitch and Granderson lifted the next delivery into medium left field.

    Nieuwenhuis slid home ahead of Justin Upton's throw, and the Mets mobbed Granderson near first base.

    New York manager Terry Collins moved Granderson from cleanup to the number two spot in the lineup, hoping to get him started.

    Granderson, who even tried an unsuccessful drag bunt, signed a $60 million, four-year contract in December after an injury-plagued season across town with the Yankees.

    Brewers fight Pirates

    The Brewers also needed 14 innings to beat the Pirates 3-2, with Khris Davis delivering the biggest hit in a game interrupted by a punch-filled brawl when he homered in the last to lift Milwaukee to a comeback win.

    Brewers centre fielder Carlos Gomez, Pirates outfielder Travis Snider and Milwaukee bench coach Jerry Narron were ejected after the third-inning fracas.

    The problems started when Gomez paused at the plate and flipped his bat after hitting a two-out triple.

    Gerrit, who was near third base backing up the play, stormed toward Gomez and they exchanged words.

    Gomez took steps toward Cole before players rushed the field from both dugouts.

    Elsewhere, the Washington Nationals edged the St. Louis Cardinals 3-2, the Cincinnati Reds had an 8-2 win over the Cubs in Chicago, the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 4-1 and the Giants beat the Padres 4-3.



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