Gatlin out of running for IAAF award

American sprinter, twice banned for doping, fails to make shortlist for this year's world athlete of the year award.

    Gatlin has run the fastest 100m by someone aged over 30 [AP]
    Gatlin has run the fastest 100m by someone aged over 30 [AP]

    Controversial United States sprinter Justin Gatlin is out of contention to win the IAAF's athlete of the year award after failing to make the final three-man shortlist, the sport's governing body announced.

    As widely expected, double-doper Gatlin was among those cut from the final shortlist after a two-week-long poll conducted by the "world athletics family".

    The 32-year-old was included on the original 10-man shortlist thanks to a stellar year of sprinting in which he posted six of the fastest 100 metres times.

    Gatlin, who served a one-year ban for testing positive for a banned stimulant in 2001 and then failed a second test in 2006, which led to a four-year ban, ran 9.77 seconds in Brussels last month - the fastest time by an over-30.

    However, his inclusion was heavily criticised and fellow nominee, Germany's Olympic discus champion Robert Harting, felt so strongly about the former Olympic champion's nomination that he asked to be removed from the list.

    The winners will be selected during the 2014 World Athletics Gala in Monaco on November 21.


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