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Fit-again Farah wins 10,000m title

Distance runner Mo Farah puts his fitness worries aside to win the European crown on a good day for British athletes.

    The double Olympic champion had to pull out of the Commonwealth Games [EPA]
    The double Olympic champion had to pull out of the Commonwealth Games [EPA]

    Britain's Mo Farah put aside his recent fitness problems to claim his fourth European title by comfortably winning the 10,000 metres final.

    The double Olympic champion was chased hard down the final straight by Turkish pair Ali Kaya and Polat Kemboi Arikan and compatriot Andy Vernon, but never looked in any real danger.

    Vernon, hampered by backmarkers at the start of the final lap, pipped the two Kenyan-born Turks to take silver, Kaya was third and Arikan, the defending champion, finished out of the medals.

    It was a welcome win for the 31-year-old Farah in what has been a frustrating season.

    "It meant a lot to me," Farah told reporters after adding to his 5,000 and 10,000 metres European golds in Barcelona in 2010 and his 5,000 metres title in Helsinki two years ago.

    Britain also won gold in the men's 100 metres and women's 100 metres hurdles.

    James Dasaolu held off Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre to win the 100 in 10.06 seconds and Tiffany Porter won the sprint hurdles in 12.76 seconds, three hundredths of a second ahead of Cindy Billaud of France.

    Dafne Schippers of the Netherlands, world championship bronze medallist in the heptathlon last year, made a successful switch to the sprints as she won the women's 100 metres in 11.12 seconds ahead of Myriam Soumare of France and Ashleigh Nelson of Britain.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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